Home Automation      
Complete control over your entire home at the touch of a button – music, video, lighting, heating, security and even curtains and blinds.

Home Automation & Security System

Home Automation & Security System

Home Automation & Security System

———-Now In Bahawalpur ————

Home/Office Automation And Security System

✓A Home that travel with you
✓Control your home from any where in the world over the internet
✓ Cameras, detectors and sensors
✓ Climate Control and Irrigation system
✓ Energy Saving
✓ Automated Gates & Barrier
✓ Voice control (Alexa, Google)
✓ Camera Door Bell and Smart Door Lock
✓ Wireless Smart Wifi Touch Switches and sockets
✓ Access Management

Whether you are constructing, renovating or simply searching for ideas to improve your Home/Office, RoboLogicx is your ideal choice. we provide smart solutions related to home automation and security system that can be installed in just a few minutes.We are also providing after sales service to our customers.

With Home/Office #Automation, you can control your lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, appliances, and security with one click. This modern system utilizes sensors and switches that are connected to a “gateway” and controlled by a user interface on a wall-mounted terminal, mobile software, or a tablet computer.

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